Bowling Stock Video Footage

HD - Bowling. Strike. Slow-mo Two people bowling Bowling strike. Bowling balls with people bowling in background Young man makes strike in bowling game, his friends cheers hum and drink beer in dark club Wall Street sign with American flags purposely blurred in background, HD video Bowling Inserts halfway down bowling lane 10 pins standing then see gray marble ball make strike, resets then knocks down 9 then makes spare sports playback, winner Special leather boots for bowling on feet. The ball rolls on the bowling lane.  Slow motion MOSCOW, RUSSIA - DECEMBER 6, 2014: Banquet in the bar of leisure center Asteroid after the bowling tournament Keglepad of the two capitals A slow motion shot of people bowling in a small town bowling alley A family bowling A dolly shot of beautiful Public Fountain Square in early Spring in downtown Bowling Green Kentucky with luscious vivid green grass, park benches and flowering trees.  But, no running fountain. 3D animation of a ten pin bowling strike AUCKLAND - NOV 14 2015:Cricket bowler bowling to a batsman..It's one of New Zealand most popular national sport and the first recorded game took place in Wellington in December 1842. Broken glass. High quality animations of broken glass.
 Two animations in different positions. Man throws ball in bowling Bowling strike slow motion - HD Ball rolls down a bowling lane for a strike. Ten-pin bowling strike Animation of Bowling Strike. Bowling Ball crashing into the Pins on Wooden Lane. HQ Video Clip People playing a game of bowling at the small town bowling alley
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